Long-awaited happiness. How lives the family where four years ago five offspring were born at once

About four years ago many media outlets wrote about this married couple. Of course the birth of five little ones a real event!

Today we will tell you how the fate of this large family turned out three years later.

Anna and Alex met at work, they are both railway workers.

Feelings immediately flared up between the couple and they soon got married.

The couple dreamed of having offspring, but Anna could not.

But the woman did not despair, she prayed a lot and believed that they would still have everything.

Finally the long-awaited miracle happened in this family.

And this miracle was multiplied by five.


There are four boys and a girl.

They were often asked how they cope with so many little ones.

It is really difficult to imagine.

The large family lives in a house that they inherited from their grandmother.

Despite all the difficulties, the couple’s feelings have only become stronger.

The husband supports his wife in everything.

“We still love each other, nothing has changed, only now we have more responsibility in the form of our offspring,” Anna noted on her social page recently.

“I gave birth to four, but it turned out to be 5!” she wrote.

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