Polish Rapunzel; 34-year-old girl hasn’t cut her hair since childhood and now her hair exceed her length

Malgorzata Kulczyk, 34 years old, is originally from Poland but currently studying in London in the faculty of programming. Yet, Malgorzata is proud not only of her outstanding knowledge but her amazing flock of hair, which she has been growing since childhood.

Beauty has never cut her hair. She has only trimmed the ends, and that was almost five years ago. At this moment, the extent of her hair is 158 cm. which is 3 cm longer than her own length. Surely some people are jealous of her wonderful hair. Once, one of her colleagues told Malgorzata to cut her locks, and now she is also growing them. Men are tempted by their charm.

Rapunzel washes her wonderful locks one time during the week and does various hairstyles. She uses them to get more effective and exciting photos. Nature has gifted her with blonde hair, but she herself makes a serum on a base of oils to give her locks fantastic shade.

For anyone who wants to have wonderful and long locks, Malgorzata advises to be patient and to take care of their health as it is the main factor of healthy hair.

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