Ralphie FINALLY getting his “Red Ryder” is the kid in all of us on Christmas

“A Christmas Story” is based on Jean Shepherd’s short story, “In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash.” This movie has worked its way into the history of holiday favorites and entertained us for the past 40 years.

Whether it is about licking the frozen pole, lighting the Leg Lamp, or Ralphie Parker’s (Peter Billingsley) fascination for The Red Ryder BB Gun, hardly anyone will recognize any of these iconic movie scenes.

The movie embarks on the delightful nostalgic journey of the now-adult Ralphie, who shares his childhood story with the audience. The 9-year-old Ralphie wishes for The Red Ryder BB Gun but gets a bunny pajama instead as a gift from Aunt Clara. Fortunately, Ralphie’s dad, Mr. Parker (Darren Mcgavin), fulfills his son’s wish.

The sad look on Ralphie’s face instantly changes as he unwraps his Christmas gift. He gets ready to play with his new toy and loads the toy gun with pellets. He is so happy to try out the Red Ryder BB gun outside his home that he forgets to wear his jacket and gloves.

This scene warms the audience’s heart as Ralphie’s dad looks proudly and happily at his son with tears in his eyes. It feels very genuine and shows how much he loves his son.

Ralphie’s mom (Melinda Dillon) is not very fond of toy guns. However, she changes her mind while looking at her husband. She sees how eagerly he tries to teach Ralphie how to properly use the toy gun.

The little boy goes out to play with his new toy gun and hurts himself. He accidentally breaks his spectacles as well by stepping on them. The clever boy tells a story about an icicle falling from the garage and hitting his eye so he can still play with his gun. This is one of those classic movies every movie lover will enjoy.

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