Remember Lina. She Gave Birth At The Age Of 5. What Happens Today With Her Is Amazing

In November 2015 at the age of  82 died Lina. She was an usual peruvian woman who would never be famous if there wasn’t the story taking place many years ago. She became a mother in 1939 14th of May.  At that time she was 5 years old and 7 months old. The girl gave birth to a healthy 2.700grams baby. That was an unbelievable fact which was officially documented and Lina was considered to be the youngest mom in medical history.


The youngest mom in medical history

Lina Medina was born in 1933 in a poor Peruvian village. When the girl was 5 years old, her parents, worried about the growing abdominal “tumor”, brought her to the doctor. Neither parents nor doctors could believe the results of the examination:


On the left – Lina Medina, April 1939, gestational age – 7.5 months. On the right – Dr. Gerardo Losada, Lina Medina and her 11-month-old son.

Lina’s doctor, Gerardo Losada, took her to the capital, Lima, for an additional examination. They confirmed the pregnancy. May 14, 1939 Lina Medina gave birth to a boy. Since the natural method of childbirth was impossible due to the small size of the pelvis of the woman in labor, a caesarean section was used. The boy was named after the attending physician – Gerardo.


Lina with her son.


An account of this incredible case was published in the medical journal La Presse Medicale. It turned out that due to a hormonal failure, the girl’s puberty occurred at a very early age: her menstruation began at 8 months, at the age of 4, the mammary glands began to develop, by the age of 5, the pelvis began to expand.


Lin was written about in all the newspapers


Lina’s son was raised as her brother until the age of 10, then the family secret was revealed to him. Gerardo lived to the age of 40 and died of a bone marrow disease in 1979. Lina Medina married and became a mother for the second time in 1972, at the age of 39.


Lina with her son


Lina never gave interviews and generally avoided talking to journalists. The question that haunted many – who was the father of the child – remained unanswered.


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She herself never returned to the subject. In 1939, her father was detained on suspicion of rape, but he was soon released because his guilt was not proven. According to one version, the girl became a victim of a ritual ceremony or orgies, which often ended with mass festivities among the Peruvian Indians in the villages. But these are just guesses – Lina took this secret with her to the grave.


Lina Medina in 1967, 28 years after the birth of her first child


Lina Medina is the youngest mother in the history of medicine, but in other countries there have been similar precedents with girls a little older than Lina. In 1934, a 6-year-old Kharkov woman carried a child who died during childbirth. In 1957, at the age of 9, Peruvian Ilda Trujillo gave birth to a girl weighing 2700. In 2004-2007. Girls from Singapore, Rwanda, Brazil, Peru and Honduras became 9-year-old mothers. In all cases, the girls were victims of rape, often by their relatives.


Lina with her son (left)


These girls were deprived of childhood, they were not yet ready to realize the happiness of motherhood – one of the most generous gifts of nature and God.

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