Senior Swing Champions Wow with Groovy Footwork

The Grand National Swing Championship is a fun, friendly, organized dance competition. Many people participate in the contest, and separate dance communities can share, create memories, and get inspired by one another.

During a recent Swing Competition, a senior pair, Sam West and Ellen Taylor, decided to participate for the dance title winners. The two contestants were comfortable and confident as they came down to the dance floor.

During the competition, both decide to perform a swing dance to the groovy beats of the song “Gonna Move Across the River” by Bill Pinkney & Original Drifters. Sam starts to dance first, and soon Ellen joins him.

Their impressive footwork, well-synced moves and turns during the swing, and the dip to the dance floor are very classy and unique. In addition, their dance moves are something that can’t be missed by any dance lover.

The audience loved their dancing style to the foot-tapping tune and enjoyed themselves. The dance moves were simple yet elegant, and the partners just went along with the beats of the music.

The two went ahead to win the Championship title in the end. Netizens worldwide complimented them online. One person said, “They are awesome!!! Feet simply slide on the parquet! Bravo!!!”

While another person said, “Beautiful! Wish I had their energy. 72 and homebound. But then I found this, which brought a smile to my face and attitude. Thanks!!!” Some people complimented their dancing style and commented, “Their footsteps and balancing were incredible! I enjoyed it from the very start! Thanks, God Bless, for sharing your talents!”

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