“Weighed 700 lbs before the transformation”: The radical changes of an Instagram model left people speechless

The story of Amber Rusty who weighed 700 lbs and then became unrecognizable

Currently, the fact that the young American girl can hardly remember is that she once weighed 700 lbs, however surprising it may seem.

Because of her unusual weight, Rusty could hardly walk and her legs weren’t even visible fully covered in fat and cellulite.

Amber always had to made much effort simply in order to walk. It is relevant to mention that during this rough period a man named Rudy greatly helped and supported her.

The kind-hearted man was always there to stand up for her and making Amber feel confident about her appearance.

Meanwhile, Rudy soon heartlessly abandoned her leaving the poor girl absolutely alone.

Weighing over 700 lbs is already in the past since Amber now leads a healthy lifestyle, keeps a proper staple diet and is simply unrecognizable.

She has become an attractive and charming girl and could get over the man who left her in such a difficult period of time.

Rusty managed to become the best version of herself realizing that she didn’t actually need such a horrible person in her life.

Her standards are now pretty high and she knows exactly what she wants.

Our heroine took part in popular shows leaving every single one speechless with her phenomenal transformation, strong will-power and determination. Later, she decided to turn to well-qualified specialists to create a nutrition plan and healthy eating habits.

She is literally unrecognizable and is more than sure that she won’t ever return to her former physical forms.

Rusty is really proud of herself encouraging others to find enough courage and motivation to change their lives for the better.

Were you impressed with the fantastic transformation?

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