What does a 69-year-old beautiful Veronica Castro look like, and what is the current status of “Wild Rose”?

She was recognizable to many people because of shows like “Wild Rose” and “The Rich Cry Too.” She was a fairly young actress back then, and she is now 69 years old. Today, we’ll tell you how she looks and what she did after the series. Veronica was born on October 19, 1952, in Mexico City. Her family, which also included two brothers and a sister, lived in squalor and struggled financially after her father left. At the university, my mother was a secretary.

Due to her low stature (153 cm), Veronica was teased at school and called names like “fat” and “short.” Later, when she was younger, the girl made the decision to focus on her appearance. She shed a lot of weight, even entered a beauty pageant, and started appearing in school plays and concerts.

After winning the “Face of the Year” competition in 1970, Veronica had offers to appear on television as a presenter and then as an actor. She started acting in the theater as well, and as time went on, she made fame and escaping poverty her main priorities in life.

Her new interest, singing, has developed into much more. Castro eventually started performing live. Since she was 19 years old, Veronica has been appearing in films; her first appearance was in the television series Love has a Female Face. Additionally, she has appeared in over 40 movies and TV shows in her filmography.

The names of the major characters, Marianne and Luis Alberto, have stuck in the memory for a very long time, even though the plot of the iconic serial “The Rich Also Cry” has long since been forgotten. The actual series was shot in 1979, and we started airing it in 1991.

Additionally, you are undoubtedly aware that Castro sang the soundtracks for the series screensavers for “Wild Rose” and “The Rich Cry Too” if you remember them. After the premiere of the television series House of Flowers in 2018, Veronica called it quits.

The actress’s personal life did not work out, but this did not prevent her from giving birth to children. She has two beautiful sons — Christian (46 years old), who became a singer, and Michelle (36 years old) — became a director.

Castro visited Russia in 1992 to film “Meeting with Rose.” She also performed on the program “Minute of Fame” during her second visit, which took place in 2010, and she joined the jury for that issue.

Veronica Castro currently owns a chain of cosmetics and perfume shops as well as her own cosmetics line, «Veronica Castro».

The actress maintains her beauty with both her lifestyle and plastic surgery, and she looks terrific. She exercises and plays tennis. also keeps on singing and working in TV. And even if the actress declared that her film career was over, it’s possible that she will still receive offers to participate in projects.

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